Creating a fine dining experience for the Basalt restaurant

February 2019
Melrose, Johannesburg

In 2019 the Peech Hotel’s second dining area was converted into a fine dining restaurant called Basalt. Designed by Aparna Ramani to fit in with the aesthetic, we were commissioned to manufacture and fit a floating wine rack, booth seating and dividers for the space.

Adjustments to the conceptual designs that were supplied had to be made to the materials available. The challenge at hand was to figure out how to construct the tremendous wine rack and then mount it to the wall. It was not just the fixings that were of concern but how we would be able to lift the rack and hold it in position when fixing.

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Taking into account that the mountings weren’t just taking the weight of the 864kg wine rack but also the bottles that would be displayed, it was decided that it needed to be fixed through the steel tube in two places on each of the uprights. 12mm x 120mm coach screws were selected as the fasteres as this would be the strongest solution for the job. When it came to the installation of the rack the team managed to lift the rack up against the wall and then planks were wedged underneath for support when marking and when fixing.

Stripped is always up for a challenge
James Peech

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