Creating bespoke Art Deco inspired fittings for the Anti-Social Social Club

June 2019
Melville, Johannesburg

Having worked with Milarchi Architects over the years they approached us with a captivating bar / restaurant called Anti-Social Social Club. They required various unique fittings inspired by Art Deco architecture as well as standard tables and cocktail tables.

In the case of this project the creative brief was straightforward because the team from Milarchi had done the technical drawings. The issue at hand was sticking within the clients tight budget resulting in many back and forth meetings. Unfortunately this shortened the turnaround time immensely and a 5 week project turned into a 3 week project.

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Dedicated to completing the project on time we worked 13 hour days, 7 days a week. The smartest solution we came up with was to build a steel frame for the bar top and then lay a screed in the frame. To combat delays minimal powder coating was done and instead we sprayed all the brightly coloured fixtures in house. The largest one being the bulkhead above the bar which was sprayed in the parking lot outside our factory.

Stripped’s understanding of materials and where costs could be cut enabled us to stick with in the deadline.
Mathew Millar

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