Palladium South Africa Revamp

July 2021
Parkhurst, Johannesburg

Palladium South Africa sparked our creative fire, entrusting us to transform their raw industrial vibe into a cutting-edge retail sensation. With a blank canvas before us, we dove headfirst into a whirlwind of design, spatial planning, storage innovation, and brand magic, crafting a turnkey solution that would set pulses racing.

Embracing Palladium's edgy industrial roots, we reimagined their space with a bold twist, infusing concrete textures and vibrant hues to elevate the retail experience from flat to fabulous. Collaborating closely with our client, every design flourish and aesthetic tweak was meticulously curated. Gone were the days of mundane shelving; instead, we inserted rebar directly into the walls, merging form and function in a mesmerizing display of industrial chic. To maximize storage without sacrificing style, sleek cabinets masquerading as concrete blocks discreetly housed surplus stock, ensuring the shop's allure remained uncluttered and irresistible.

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But the pièce de résistance? A jaw-dropping Tricolore flag composed entirely of Palladium shoes, suspended in mid-air by a symphony of custom-designed perspex holders and a battalion of screws. This bold statement piece not only captivated customers but ignited a sense of wonder and excitement, transforming each visit into an unforgettable adventure. With creativity as our compass and innovation as our fuel, we turned Palladium South Africa into more than just a store—it became a destination where style knows no bounds.

"Stripped's creativity and attention to detail when designing designing and fitting a shop never disappoints."
Bruce Whiffler

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