The Peech - Luxury Rooms and Suites

December 2018
Melrose, Johannesburg

Interior designer Aparna Ramani got in touch with an amazing project to fit the luxury rooms for the award winning Peech Boutique Hotel. The basic concepts of the fittings had been developed and we were asked to refine them using our extensive knowledge of materials, draw up technical drawings, manufacture and install. Our work would live in the space with other pieces by award winning designers the likes of Houtlander and Urban Native.

Given the basic basic concept drawings we had to interpret them and select the correct materials that best would convey the soft, tranquil feel that would transport you from the hustle and bustle of Johannesburg to an idyllic oasis. Understanding the relationship between steel and the thickness of timber, how the timber would move over the years and what would be the most durable materials were the biggest tasks at hand.

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Working very closely with Aparna and James we developed prototypes to make sure they were sturdy and could handle whatever the patrons threw at them. The biggest issue was the movement of the timber because we would be using solid oak which is a timber that has the most movement. The solution to this was to create slotted grooves in the steel which would allow them to move as the timber did during the seasons. The fitting had to be quick and concise because we were working on the site while the final stages of construction were being completed.

The attention to detail and high end fittings Stripped produced exceeded my expectations and set a new standard.
James Peech
Founder & CEO of The Peech Hotel

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