Verney’s Camp Eco-Luxury Safari-Style

December 2018
Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe

Machaba Safaris beckoned us with an extraordinary task: crafting safari-style knock-down furniture destined for assembly amidst the majestic backdrop of Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. Our adventure continued as we transported the pieces to the heart of Hwange National Park, where we meticulously assembled and finessed each piece.

The creative canvas laid before us by Machaba Safaris was expansive, allowing us the freedom to envision and fabricate headboards, bedside tables, vanities, wardrobes, desks, and luggage racks that exuded the opulence of a Victorian tented camp worthy of Livingston himself. Despite the challenge of crafting furniture suited for disassembly and reassembly in a makeshift workshop with minimal equipment, our ingenuity thrived.

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Innovating with limited resources, we employed unconventional methods, utilizing dominoes for joining and screws for stability, expertly concealed beneath brass caps for an authentic Victorian aesthetic. Wardrobes, a cornerstone of luxury, were secured with tiedowns and ratchets, while addition of canvas-clad panels transformed the simple structures into elegant tributes to safari life. Our time in Zimbabwe was not only marked by the creation of exceptional furniture but also by the enrichment of local craftsmen, as we shared our expertise and empowered five individuals to master new skills. Amidst the breathtaking landscapes and thrilling challenges, this journey became an unforgettable chapter in our adventure.

Stripped’s work ethic and ability to adapt to less than ideal environments was admirable
Marian Meyers
Verney's camp

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