designed through feeling, crafted with finesse.

Every Stripped Furniture piece tells a story, whether it’s custom made or a part of our range. We work with you to create soulful pieces that speak to you.

Team Stripped

Stripped is a dream; a dream to create without boundaries or restriction.

In a daring departure from the corporate path, two spirited young men, Khyle Strydom and Simon Hough, plunged headfirst into the realm of manufacturing. Armed with nothing but determination and a thirst for creation, they scavenged scrap materials from their neighborhood, crafting upcycled furniture and dazzling home decor.

From grassroots beginnings, they showcased their masterpieces through markets and social media, relying solely on the power of word of mouth to grow their clientele. A decade of literal blood, sweat, and tears later, their dream has blossomed into Stripped, a thriving furniture manufacturing marvel.

Now, a dynamic force in the industry, Stripped doesn't just craft furniture – they curate experiences. From interior design to shop-fitting, home fittings, and industrial design, they cater to the diverse and adventurous needs of their clients.

Join forces with Stripped, where dreams take shape, and let's embark on an exciting journey together for your next creative project!

Our offerings

Featured projects

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Marakele National Park, Limpopo

Marataba Safari Lodge

Marataba Safari Lodge Bar

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Melrose, Johannesburg

The Peech Boutique Hotel

The Peech - Classic Rooms and Suites

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Shop fittings
Parkhurst, Johannesburg

Ben Sherman

Ben Sherman South Africa Flagship Store

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People we’ve worked with

I have had the privilege to work on a number of projects with Stripped Collective over the years; everything from an events space/bar renovation to a full new build kitchen installation. The team have been an absolute pleasure to work with. They have a wealth of experience and pay incredible attention to detail. Their ability to work within the projects specifications all while adding important advice and artistic direction when requested results in beautiful work each and every time. Their ability to stay within budget and time line constraints must also be commended. Looking forward to the next project with the team!

Ciaran Hayens
Home Owner / Entrepreneur

Our process

01 Inception

02 Budget

03 Design

04 sign-off

05 manufacture