The Peech - Classic Rooms and Suites

April 2023
Melrose, Johannesburg

5 years after the completion of The Peech's Luxury Rooms we were approached by the owner, James and Aparna - the interior designer - to assist in the revamp of the original rooms. The task was to interpret the concepts, advise on materials, draw up technical drawings and then manufacture and fit.

The biggest challenge faced by the team was to maintain the soft, tranquil aesthetic, but not to compete with the more luxury rooms. The selection of timber was of great importance when creating this hierarchy. In the luxury rooms the selection of prime white oak is the centre point of this aesthetic. But for the revamped rooms the wood would have to add a natural warmth to the room, but not be the central focus. Timbers which complimented the oak but didn't over shadow it, would yellow over time, lending them to be less than desirable.

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Therefore by selecting rubber wood as our chosen timber and sealing it with Osmo Raw Effect sealer, we were able to prevent yellowing and created the warmth that the room needed. Having a far subtler grain and the colour of the timber being muted by the stain, supported the other decor in the room. The features of the room - the headboard and the shelves are a lot softer than the oak and now play the perfect supporting role. The increased use of steel furnishings, like the bedside tables we manufactured, help create a distinct contrast between the various rooms.

"Stripped's willingness to problem solve and share their knowledge with our team sets them apart."
James Peech

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